The Executive Board

The Residence Hall Leadership Organization (RHLO) is governed by its Executive Board. Each officer is a valuable member of the team who oversees the organization and brings a unique perspective to the table.

Matthew Schechter | CC 2022
Executive Director

Matthew looks after the overall vision and health of the organization. For programming and advocacy efforts, Matthew is involved in efforts to liaise with departments within Columbia. He also organizes semesterly Leadership Retreats for Hall Councils and coordinates a buddy system between Executive Board members with Hall Councils for further leadership development.

Noah Seeman | CC 2022
Operations Director

Noah disburses funds to RHLO and ensures the financial health of all Hall Councils. He is responsible for the creation and maintenance of RHLO’s financial records and transactions.  Noah also acts as a resource to all Hall Councils when financial questions arise. Additionally, he liaises with University administrators to determine budgets and allocations for RHLO each year. Noah also acts acts as RHLO and Columbia’s representative in regional and national conferences, including NACURH.

Co-Director of Advocacy & Policy

The Advocacy and Policy Co-Directors brainstorm and execute initiatives that respond directly to the needs of residential students across Columbia’s campus. They also sit on external campus policy boards, communicate with a variety of University administrators and offices, and chair RHLO’s Advocacy and Policy Committee.

Renita Zaparde | CC 2022
Programming Co-Director

Renita brainstorms, plans, and executes semesterly and annual events on a campus-wide basis. She works with closely with the Operations Director to seek mutually beneficial partnerships with other organizations as program sponsors. She also acts as a resource for Hall Councils in need of programming advice and chairs RHLO’s Programming Committee.

Clarke Peoples | CC 2023
Communications Director

Clarke oversees and ensures campus-wide engagement with RHLO’s programming and advocacy initiatives. She is the administrator and creative lead on all of RHLO’s social media, which include RHLO’s website and newsletters. Clarke also works with Hall Councils teaching collaboration and effective communication between residential communities.

Haley Carson

Haley Carson

Haley is a member of Residential Life’s professional staff and the Residence Hall Director of John Jay Hall. Haley advises RHLO’s Executive Board in all matters, especially in communicating with University administrators within Residential Life and other departments. She also oversees RHLO’s elections process. Additionally, Haley helps manage RHLO’s budget and long-term, organizational goals.