The Coalition Against Sexual Violence (CASV): A RHLO Initiative

The Coalition Against Sexual Violence (CASV) is made up of student groups and individuals on Columbia’s campus who are dedicated to combating sexual assault and gender-based misconduct within our community. It aims to promote sex positivity and safe practices, educate students on the nature of sexual assault and gender-based misconduct, as well as the complexities of consent, and advocate for legislative change across Columbia University by establishing campus-wide partnerships to host workshops, programs, and wellness events.

CASV was revitalized by Andrew Rodriguez CC’20 (RHLO Director of Advocacy & Policy), Morgan Kang CC’20 (RHLO Associate Director of Advocacy & Policy) in January 2018.

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CASV Recognized as Advocacy Initiative of the Year (NACURH 2019)

RHLO attended the annual NACURH (National Association of College and University Residence Halls) conference in June 2019 at Louisiana State University and was honored with the award for Advocacy Initiative of the Year! Columbia was recognized for its outstanding work out of the total 300+ colleges and universities in NACURH.

CASV’s Flagship 2018-2019 Project: Let’s Bring Sexy Back
4-Weeks Dedicated to Awareness, Wellness, Legislation, and Sex Positivity